Shreyas Minocha
A selfie of me in front of a neon 'Crypto means Cryptography' sign
DEF CON 30, Las Vegas, US

I am a senior at Rice University studying Computer Science and Math. My research interests include applied cryptography, systems security, and software security. I’m especially interested in privacy-enhancing technologies.

I’m currently working on systems security research with Dr Nathan Dautenhahn in the Fierce lab as part of RUSP. I was recently a summer research intern at the Software Security Group at the Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy, where I had the pleasure of being advised by Dr Marcel Böhme. Earlier, I was fortunate to work with Dr Dan Wallach.

Causes that are important to me include software freedom, digital privacy and anonymity, freedom of speech, consumer rights, and data preservation.

I also enjoy speedcubing, playing chess, and participating in CTFs with RiceSec.



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