Shreyas Minocha
A selfie of me in front of a neon 'Crypto means Cryptography' sign
DEF CON 30, Las Vegas, US

I am a senior at Rice University studying Computer Science and Math. My research interests include applied cryptography, software security, and systems security.

I’m currently working on systems security research with Dr Nathan Dautenhahn in the Fierce lab as part of RUSP. I was recently a summer research intern at the Software Security Group at the Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy, where I had the pleasure of being advised by Dr Marcel Böhme. Earlier, I was fortunate to work with Dr Dan Wallach.

Causes that are important to me include software freedom, digital privacy and anonymity, freedom of speech, consumer rights, and data preservation.

I also enjoy speedcubing, playing chess, and participating in CTFs with RiceSec.



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