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If you can afford it, I’d appreciate your monetary support. I publish most of my work under permissive, open source licenses like the MIT license, GPL, or those of the Creative Commons breed. I don’t believe in ads, tracking and annoyances. I also don’t monetize most of my open source work yet. As I prepare to attend college however, I must start thinking about revenue too. Don’t worry though—I’ll stay loyal to my principles.

Your donations will probably:

  • … pay for a serving of a beverage.
  • … pay for this domain, my server(s), and other tools.
  • … allow me to continue spending substantial amounts of time on open source.
  • … allow me to continue prioritizing my passions.
Still from Bernie Sanders’ fundraising video captioned “I am once again asking for your financial support”


If you wish to make recurrent donations, please do so at my Liberapay account.


If you want to donate anonymously, you can donate to my Monero wallet.


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