Shreyas Minocha

About me

Hey, I’m Shreyas (/ˈʃreɪˌəs/ or shr-AY-us). I’m a freshman at Rice University and plan to major in le CS.

I feel strongly about software freedom, digital privacy, and decentralization. I detest surveillance capitalism and “big tech”. I value digital accessibility and have something of an eye for design.

An old copy of Learn HTML in 24 Hours drew me into computer things several years ago 💻. At present, I am primarily interested in the {modern,retro,alt} web stack. I’m also interested in exploring computer ethics, programming language design, automata theory, and cryptography. My interests will probably evolve, as they should, in my time at college.

This is my website. I have a blog here where I post programming-related articles less frequently than I’d like. I also have a wiki where I try to make notes about stuff I’m learning, among other things.

##Silly trivia about me

  • I love parenthetical clauses (but I’m afraid I overuse them).
  • I prefer dark themes over light ones, but I’m not one to bikeshed. I’ve been a long-time user of material themes (like this one for VS Code) for editors and terminals.

That’s enough about me. I would love to hear from you! If there is anything you thnk I could help you with, a cool project you would like to collab on, or if you’d like to just chat, hit me up.